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Achilles is a 3-year-old sable that lives on a farm in the Vaalwater area. Her owner Charles Botha contacted us after an injury she picked up which got infected, and her back leg needed to be amputated just below the hock area.

Achilles was a perfect candidate for a prosthesis, and after an extensive evaluation with her vet Dr Paul Huber we started the process of manufacturing her a new back leg.

We took a plaster mould of the residual limb, so that we could measure the correct dimensions of the limb. A custom disinfected liner which is waterproof was used to make sure the limb stays as clean as possible. Her prosthesis outer shell (socket) was made from fiberglass and nylglass composites to keep it as strong as possible and light weight.

The socket can take up to 200kg and its very durable. The shaft we used was made from carbon fiber, and her hoof piece we milled out of a solid block of aluminum.

The foot piece was rubberized to give her grip and protect it from the elements.

The prosthesis was a great success. It allows her to distribute her weight evenly and she walks almost naturally.  She is also five weeks away from giving birth, and with all this extra weigh the prosthesis is coping well.

Fracture braces and prosthetics can make a big difference in the lives of wildlife and owners alike.