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We offer a complete service to your pets, which are part of the family.  As animal lovers we understand the importance of happy healthy pets and go the great lengths to improve their lives.

Our extensive range of pet products ensures that the best care is afforded pre-operative and post-operative. We continue to research and work with professionals in orthotics and prosthetics to improve our product range and provide for the best possible service.


A complete range of products

Utility harness

Available in all colours with optional reflector and logo inserts and is ideal for any working or hunting dog.

Spinal rehab brace (no-flex)

Our new spinal braces are design to decrease the lateral and medial (side to side) movement of the animal. Giving them time post-surgery to heal.

Drag bag

We also manufacture our own version of a drag bag. For those dogs that cannot afford a wheelchair.

Doggy wheelchairs

Our Wheelchairs can easily manage weight up to 25 kg with adjustments for heavier dogs.
Very comfortable as it is custom made to measurements.

Hip adduction brace (ordered from suppliers)

Our new hip adduction brace provides the necessary support and limits range of motion post operation.

This product already has a stable position in the market and many of our customers choose it because it has multi-purposes and is comprehensible at the same time.

Hock braces

The braces are soft and custom made to your pet's leg. It provides stability to the dog's ankle and reduce hyper extension of the hock. 

Carpus braces

The braces are soft and custom made to your pet's leg. It offers various degrees of immobilization for dogs recovering from surgery or ligament injuries and reduce hyper extension.

Stifle braces

The braces are soft and custom made, helping with pre- and post operative injuries. It aids in reducing ROM with the ACL and CCL tendons of the knees. It is used for strains and sprains. The brace protects the joint and promotes healing.